60 Ways to Date Your Spouse

When you're on a budget, sometimes it's hard to find money for date night. But lots of money isn't required for these cheap date night ideas!

I’m all about leaving the kids at home and going out with my hubby. But sometimes we are a little stumped on what to do, or we don’t have the budget. To make things easier on myself and you, I’ve put together a list of 60 ways to date your spouse that includes things you can do together no matter where you live.

Date Night Ideas

1.Grab an ice cream

2. Cook up a pantry surprise!

3. Picnic at the park

4. Head to the gym and workout together – crazy I know, but sometimes this is my favorite type of date.

5. Play checkers or chess after the kids are in bed

6. Head to the park and shoot some hoops

7. Take a walk

8. Park the car and…star gaze.

9. Roller skating

10. Outdoor Movie

11. Follow a YouTube dance tutorial.

12. Test drive your dream car.

13. Laser Tag or Paintball

14. Find a great bike or walking trail.

15. Go to the water or theme park together

16. Bake up some goodies and deliver them.

17. Spend the night at a local bed and breakfast

18. Make a music video

19. Play video games together

20. Play a round of golf or mini golf together

21. Go to the batting cages

22. Look through old photos and reminisce

23. Take a bubble bath

24. Bowling

25. Trampoline Park

26. Take a scenic drive

27. Go for a picnic

28. Cake Wars

29. Have a beach treasure hunt.

30. Dance Hall

31. Take a backroad

32. Watch the sunset

33. Have a spa night together

34. Go get pedicures

35. Go to a sports game

36. The theatre or concert

37. Find a groupon and explore

38. Walk downtown

39. Explore a new part of town

When you're on a budget, sometimes it's hard to find money for date night. But lots of money isn't required for these cheap date night ideas!

40. Take a cooking class

41. Karoke Night

42. Comedy Club

43. Play truth or dare

44. Movie Marathon Night

45. Have a bonfire or make smores

46. Find a free movie night

47. Play Extreme Frisbee or Frisbee golf

48. Volunteer

49. Go somewhere scenic and have a photo shoot

50. Go fishing

51. Go horseback riding

52. Try a new restaurant

53. Go to the movies

54. Trivia Night

55. Take a dance lesson

56. Build something together

57. Craft something together

58. Go swimming

59. “Nailed It” Challenge

60. Recreate your first date

Whatever you choose to do, be spontaneous and think outside the box. Find something you both have in common and do it.

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