8 Life Changing Productivity Tips to Master your Daily To-do List this Summer

Don't fall into the laziness of summer.  Stay productive with the kids home with these 8 tips on how to be more productive.

When it comes to summer time we can fall into laziness. It can be a challenge to be productive with all of these great, fun opportunities that come our way. So what is a stay at home mom supposed to do to master the daily to-do list and stay productive during the summer?

Guess what, there is a way! We can even make our mundane and tedious to-do list much easier and maybe even enjoyable! with these amazing and life-changing productivity tips.

Create a Morning Routine

Even though you are tempted to stay in those workout clothes or pj’s all day, don’t do it. Take a shower, get ready, and put on something that will make you feel good. You will be surprised by how much better you feel about yourself and how productive you will be when you get ready for the day.

My most productive days are ones that I start early with my routine and go throughout the day. Morning routines are hands down one of the best ways to increase productivity and guarantee a clear and healthy mindset throughout the day. This is a great time to begin healthy habits and prepare your mind for anything!

Daily To-Do List

At the beginning of every week, I look at my calendar and schedule it out with a few to-do lists. For me, there is nothing more motivating then checking things off my to-do list. It’s a visual aid to my accomplishments and I am motivated that way. There are several types of lists to keep you productive. Here are 4:

  • Action Lists (aka To Do Lists)
  • Project Lists
  • Running Lists
  • Template Lists

You can create lists for every aspect of your life to help you set goals and achieve them. In this post, we’ll look into what each of these 4 categories are, examples of each, and how to incorporate them in to your life. Sweet Planit talks about these 4 categories in more depth. I really enjoyed her post and have incorporated these in our summer routine to master my daily to-do list.

Don't fall into the laziness of summer.  Stay productive with the kids home with these 8 tips on how to be more productive.

Track Your Online Time

Put away your phone, get off of social media, don’t keep your email up, and put away anything else that serves as a distraction. I think sometimes when something is hard, mundane, or important we try to find distractions, because deep down we don’t want to fail at it. Set a time where it is okay to be on social media. You will find you can master your to-do list and will get tons more done when you don’t get sucked into your phone.

Master the Art of Time Management

Make a schedule for yourself. A schedule is simply a plan.  And a plan keeps us focused. Time management for moms isn’t easy and we have to be strategic. Make yourself a simple schedule that you can stick to. This does not have to be anything complicated. Start with a morning routine and work from there. Don’t forget to remain flexible. Sundays are awesome for scheduling out your week; even if it is a rough draft. I also try to plan out my day the night before so I know what needs to be done and what appointments I have.

When it Comes to Adventures Less is More

I am one of those people who would love to do it all, but when too many things are on my plate I can get frazzled easily. There are just so many things that need to get done, that I don’t know where to start and end up procrastinating. When you have less commitments, less stuff, less pulling you in all different directions it will help you not feel so overwhelmed. You will be more productive and get the things done that truly matter.

Keeping it Tidy

There is something to be said about having a tidy home. When there are toys everywhere, dishes to be done, laundry piling up it becomes a major stress. For me, I can’t think straight through all the clutter, and I can’t seem to function. This doesn’t mean you should spend all day cleaning. I don’t clean the house all by myself. My kids have chores that help keep the house clean. Every night before bed the kids pick up their stuff while I do the dishes.

Play the Music

I love playing music in the background. Background noise keeps me sane. But, sometimes the TV is too distracting, so I utilize Amazon Music or Pandora, A LOT! It keeps my house from being too quiet and aligns my mind with being awake. Too much quiet equals nap time for me.

Meal Planning

I will be honest. I am the worst at this, but when I do meal plan it makes a huge difference. Take advantage of the weekend and plan out your meals. There is less stress at dinner time. Plus I feel a bit more prepared going into the evening when my kids get home. Meal planning will also help you save money, it will help you stay healthy, and it will save your sanity.

Don't fall into the laziness of summer.  Stay productive with the kids home with these 8 tips on how to be more productive.

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