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When I switched Snippykit from a boutique to a blog, I knew that it would take time for it to grow and start making money. I’ve read multiple accounts that blogging can take years to take off. I’m hopeful with the right guidance it won’t take that long, but I still know it will take months.

That being said, I am so happy to put out this first blogging report. No, I haven’t made an income from my blog yet. But, I had no expectation of earning any money this month. Knowing that it was unrealistic to expect a payout at first, I was able to totally focus on creating new content, driving traffic to the blog, and coming up with a strategy to build my Pinterest profile. I am sharing this with you not for bragging rights, but to inspire. I have read plenty of income reports and it helps put things into perspective and helps me make and update my goals.

a realistic first month blogging report.  A guide to see what your beginning early potential could be with a blog.

February Goals

  • *Setup a business Pinterest Account
  • *Get 200 monthly view on the blog
  • *Get #sponsored from a Brand
  • *Have 4 to 6 blog posts
  • *Add freebies to the blog
  • * Be more engaging on my social media

Here’s what I accomplished:

  • * I already a Pinterest account, but it was my personal one and wasn’t set up very well. So I switched it over to a business account. I spent most of the month trying to redo my boards and pinning items. I really did find it difficult to find time to pin items. That is when I found an amazing app called Tailwind. They have a 30 day trial which is perfect to make sure this app is one that you will use. So far it has been super helpful.
  • *So, I didn’t get 200 monthly views on the blog. I only had 100 views this month. I feel like I didn’t post about and drive traffic as much as I should have to get more traffic. However, I did spend more time focused on updating my SEO. This is still a big learning curve for me. This next month I am dedicated to driving more traffic.
  • *I did get #sponsored this month. I am so excited about this. Part of the reason I started blogging was to share the things that I love about #momlife. This past month I had a sponsored Instagram post with Posh Peanuts. It was so fun to finally share my love for this brand.
  • *I had 5 posts this month. This one actually gets most of my traffic. It is a fun read.
  • *I want to give my readers exclusive printables and offers. So this month I really took to my creative side and make printables. These included Valentines Day Cards, Cleaning Checklists, Roadtrip Tips, and more.
  • *Another big goal of mine is to get my social media following up. I gained 800 Instagram followers this month. I know I didn’t get the monthly blog view, but I am excited I was able to get more Instagram followers.

Let’s talk money

Like I said before, I wasn’t expecting to earn any income from my blog the first month. And, I fully don’t expect to earn any money for at least the first 6 months. Why? Because it takes time to grow a following, develop enough content for people to browse through, and you have to give Pinterest and SEO strategies a chance to rank your content so it is seen by more people.

Rule #1 of earning income from my blog: I need readers! I can’t expect to make any sort of income without having eyes on your content. It’s simple. That doesn’t mean you have to have millions of viewers like the big blogs do. But, you should assume that you need at least a few thousand to earn even a little income from the blog.

I did earn some money on my sponsored post. I was able to make $60. While I didn’t make any money from my blog this month, I did have a few costs and investments:

Tailwind: $160 for 1 year. After using the 30-Day free trial and seeing great results, I decided to sign up for 1 year of Tailwind scheduling service for Pinterest. I quickly realized that in order to get the maximum benefits, I would need to invest in a Power Up in order to get more shares and tribes.

Total blog costs for February: $160

The great part about this month’s expenses is it is for a year. I won’t have to pay on this again until next year.

Goals for March

  • *Grow my Pinterest to 11.2k monthly viewers to 14k monthly viewers.
  • *Get my monthly to at least 300 monthly views. I found a great book about driving traffic from Pinterest to your blog. I will let you know how I implement those techniques.
  • *Consistently share my blog posts on social media.
  • *Get 2 more sponsored Instagram posts or collabs
  • *Write 4-6 quality blog posts
  • *Learn more about successful affiliate marketing strategies

Check back next month to see whether or not I succeeded in reaching these new goals! I am excited for another month of creating, collaborating, and learning!

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a realistic first month blogging report.  A guide to see what your beginning early potential could be with a blog.

Disclaimer: The links in this post contain affiliate links. If you click through and buy something I will get a small commission used for keeping the blog up and running smoothly.

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