Bluebonnet Season

Mom Life || Texas Bluebonnet Season

We moved to Texas from Florida about 6 years ago. You don’t always think about the cultural differences and adjustments you will make when you move to a new area. Here are a couple of the many things I have learned about Texans the first year we moved to San Antonio.

First thing is everyone has a Texas wall, room, nick knacks, or space. I have friends who have Texas themed bathrooms, guestrooms, living rooms, etc. My husband and I settled on a Texas wall in our entry.

The second thing are bluebonnet photos are a must. For those of you who don’t know what a bluebonnet is, it is the state flower that arrives only in the Spring. They last from about March till the end of April, early May. I love Texas in the spring because of all the wildflowers they have. Once one dies, another blossoms. The Hill Country area is covered in these beautiful flowers.

Every season we take photos with the flowers and add it to our Texas wall. I love seeing how the kids have grow each year. It has been fun to shop with them for clothes that they think match the blue bonnets and head out to find them. This past year we had a friend take the pictures instead of doing it ourselves. He did an amazing job. I’m so glad I gave that responsibility to someone else – another tradition to start. Ha!

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