Change is Good Right?!

Embracing Change: Change is Good Right?

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can change the direction of my sails to always reach my destination.” Jimmy Dean

Four years ago I started an online boutique. I loved having an online boutique that made women look and feel great while matching their mini bestie. I truly loved getting feedback from my customers. About a month ago, I sold the boutique portion and changed my brand into a momprenuer blog. I want to share the things I’ve learned from owning my own business to help other succeed with their dreams. As you can imagine, my day to day life has change. Here is a sneak peek into the new life of Snippykit.

Everyday begins with morning snoozes and snuggles from my kids. Our puppy, Teddy, usually sleeps with the kids or me. My husband loves that, lol. While the kids lounge on the couch I’m getting lunches ready and making breakfast.

After the kids have been fed, dressed, and taken to school I take the dogs, Lola and Teddy, for a walk. Teddy loves his routine. He has to have his morning walk right when I get home from taking the kids to school or else the whole day is chaotic. He had a hard time during the summer when the routine went out the window. During the summer, Teddy used to lick my feet until I got out of bed. He would then go to the kids rooms to get them up so we could go for his morning walk.

I am one of those people who has to get their exercise routine done in the morning. If I can’t get it done by 10 am, it isn’t happening. My routines consist of running, weightlifting, or hiit workouts. A friend and I parooze Groupon for fitness deals. We’ve been to kickboxing, yoga, and currently trying CG.

Honestly this part of my day gets fuzzy. My normal routine ends here until the kids are ready to be picked up from school. I’ve been watching a friend’s child a couple days a week. When I’m not watching him I’m working on my Snippykit business or helping out at the school. I’m always throwing in my own chores, errands, and the occasional nap in there somewhere. HA! I honestly try to schedule everything out, but I’m usually a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of person. This picture is from my latest promo on SA Live. My daughter has always been my model. So, she came with me.

Our afternoon and evenings are filled with homework, piano/guitar lessons, and play. I love that our school doesn’t really give the kids much homework. My kids need the downtime and time to play. I try not to schedule anything except lessons since I don’t like being rushed to different places.

By the way my kids are THE BEST eaters. They are always willing to try new things. They love anything off the grill and salads.

It is finally the kid’s bedtime! I don’t know about your kids, but mine come out at least 2 or 3 times after we put them to bed. Someone is always hungry, thirsty, or needs an extra hug. After the kids are in bed and the dishes are done, the hubby and I lounge. We have a few must see shows. My hubby tends to watch whatever sport is on. I am currently watching “The Office” on Netflix. After Steve Carrell left when the show was on tv, I didn’t continue to watch the show. It just wasn’t the same, but now I’m on a mission to finish all the seasons.

One day my husband asked what I did all day now that the kids were at school. He wasn’t trying to be rude, just curious. At that moment I couldn’t answer him. Sometimes I find that I can’t remember what in the world I do. The day just flies by. So, for a week I wrote down everything I did.

Honestly I was amazed. The thing I love about being a stay at home mom is that it gives me the opportunity to do many things in life. I can be the momprenuer and grow a business; dedicate time to help others at school, church, or home; and be there for my kids if and when they need me. I strive to focus on continuing to grow as a person. So when I look back at what I did that day. I can say I reached some sort of goal to strive to be a better person and grow.

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