Daily Blogging Plan: Things You Should be Doing

Have you ever left the house without a plan of where you’re going or what you’re doing? If you attempt to figure out where to go on the fly it can be frustrating. Same thing goes for blogging. Creating a blogging system you will have direction, a plan, and a pathway to get to the success you want. It can also make your day a lot easier.

Being a successful blogger takes tons of hard work, but here are some ways you can get traffic to your blog and be successful faster.

Creating a Daily Blogging Plan

I guess the question is, why should I be doing something for my blog daily? When it comes to success there is a huge difference in seeing your blog as a hobby and as a business. Do you think Sam Walton became successful only working a few days a week? No, he spent everyday working on his business, creating plans, and doing things to make his business successful.

Getting traffic to your blog is a huge deal. There are many different marketing strategies our there for you to research. There are so things you should be doing everyday and every time you publish a post so that your audience sees what you want them to see. Getting into a habit of doing some of these things will help your traffic.

Creating Pins with Pinterest

Consistent posting of pins is a key strategy to getting traffic to your blog. You want to create engaging pins that will make future followers stop, click, and read your posts. If all goes right they will subscribe too.

When I first started blogging, I had trouble knowing how to create a pin, what a good pin looked like, and how to make Pinterest work for me. After months of struggle I found a book entitled the Pinterest Ebook. This book was so helpful. It answered all of my questions about how to set up my Pinterest boards for success, creating engaging pins, etc.


Creating pins is only have half of what you need to do. Being active on Pinterest and pinning your pins along with other pins is another way to gain traction and traffic. No one ever tells you how time consuming pinning can be. That is why I use an automatic pinning tool such as Tailwind. They have a free subscription that is very helpful.

Sharing to Social Media

After you’ve completed your blog post, you’ll want to share it to your social media as well. You can use canva to create beautiful pictures for your social media, Pinterest, and for your blog post. I like to share my posts in Facebook groups on their specified promo days and interact with others.

Please be careful when it comes to social media. It is easy to get sidetracked and waste your time. It is also easy to get caught up in follower numbers and engagement. Stick to the things that are really important. Telling a story and creating amazing content.

Being a successful blogger takes tons of hard work, but here are some ways you can get traffic to your blog and be successful faster.

Finding your Daily To Dos

Whether you use these things or create your own list of daily to dos, the goals is to do something everyday that propels your blog and your work further. Brands and Followers won’t notice you if your content is not out there to be seen.

Regardless of what you decide to do, give it your all. Take quality photos, write engaging, valueable content for your readers, track where you’re spending your time, create goals, etc. After a month, go back to your daily to dos and monthly goals and refine it. See what is working for you and what isn’t.

Just remember you can do this. At times it may seem like no one is watching, but blogging takes time. Just remember the reason why you are doing this. You’ve got this! Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest tips on how to be a successful momprenuer blogger.

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