20 Spookily Amazing Family Halloween Costumes

Looking for Awesome Family Halloween Costumes? Well You Don't Want To Miss These! We Included DIY Family Costumes, Easy Halloween Costumes, and Fun Character Costumes for Mom, Dad, Baby, and Kids

It is almost Halloween.  It’s the time you get rewarded for dressing up and walking through your neighborhood. If you’re like me, you’ve probably waited until the last minute to decide on Halloween family costumes.

Typically I put it off for awhile and always say, I’m not going to put that much effort into it this year. Then, as it gets closer, I realize that I need to get it together and plan a family costume! Have no fear.  We’ve compiled a list of 20 fun family Halloween costumes you are going to love.

20 Family Halloween Costumes

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Tiger King

Photo Cred: Jadelizroper

When the wild story of Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic hit Netflix, none of us could look away. If there had to be one outstanding pop-culture figure, the two of them would fight for the title.

Lucky for any last minute costume idea, it is rather easy to put together. Plus, you can dress the kids up in adorable tiger onesies. You can get your last minute costume here. Tiger | Joe Exotic | Carol Baskin


Photo Cred: Best Products

Your family can go as the full cast of Moana — even Pua the pig and Te Fiti.


Photo Cred: The Working Mother

Try out family Halloween costumes with the Flintstone Family! This is another costume set that you can DIY even if you’re not a seamstress. I love that even this Bam-Bam costume lets you just keep your baby in a diaper cover-so simple! For the last-minute families, you can find these costumes here. Fred | Wilma | Pebbles | Dino

A Pirate’s Life for Me—and my Kids:

Photo credit: Studio Portraits

Gather yer mates and get ready for swashbuckling adventure this Halloween with this fun Pirates Life Family Halloween Costume Idea. You can find some of the costumes here.

Star Wars

Photo Cred: Pinterest

Luke, Princess Leia, a Stormtrooper, and an Ewok: There are so many options, no matter how big or small your family is. You can get last minute costumes here.

The Office 

Photo Cred: Pinterest

If you’ve spent your quarantine days at home binging The Office, you’ll know exactly who these people are and why the baby is dressed like a beet. You likely have similar clothes in your wardrobe and the iconic glasses are actually coming back in style so you can keep them after Halloween. Here are some costumes if you need them. Dwight | Jim |

Zookeeper and Animals

Photo Cred: Remodelaholic

Think these zookeepers are keeping their animals under control? I love this idea because you can get creative with which animals you use!


Such an awesome family costume that Sara from Tell Love and Party put together. These monsters are sure to spook anyone out! She’s got a great tutorial on her site- just click the photo for more info on how to make your own!

The Three Little Pigs

Photo Cred: Pinterest

Now this idea is just adorable. It is so simple. Such cute little piggy costumes!


Photo Cred: Smittcamp

For a sweet idea, the parents can be the graham crackers and the kids can go as chocolate and marshmallows!

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter franchise has endless characters you can dress up as, so it’s fun for the whole family. Just choose your favorites here!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Photo Cred: Pinterest

The Guardians have so many fun characters you can dress up as.  Choose your favorites like Groot, Star Lord, Gamora, and Rocket.

Fortnight Crew

If your kid would classify themselves as a gamer, then they totally know who these characters are. Totally perfect for a DIY costume or a more formal route, your little Fortnite fans will be thrilled to dress as their favorite game this Halloween.

Shark Attack

Photo Cred: Maraferreira

The only kind of shark attack you’ll want to experience is on Halloween with this hilarious look. Buy some cheap shark costumes, like these, a surfboard and fake blood, and you’ve got yourself a near-death experience that makes for an awesome group ensemble.

Football Team with Refs

Photo Cred: Pinterest

Really you could do this with any sport your kids are into.  It is a easy, fast way to get family costumes together.  Need a referee shirt? Grab an inexpensive one here.


Photo Cred: Costume Works

This is way creepy for my liking, but such an awesome costume idea! If your family loves a good thriller, these costumes from the movie IT would definitely creep out a few neighbors.


Another classic, you just have love it. You can grab a ghostbuster costume here.

Inside Out Characters

Photo Cred: Pinterest

To pay tribute to the movie’s characters, Joy, Degust, Anger, Sadness and Fear make outfits from the clothes you already own—some monochromatic, some as simple as a shirt and pants—and pair them with colorful wigs.


So many fun characters to choose from from the Classic Peanuts show. This is a pretty easy DIY costume, but if you need a little extra help check these out.

80’s Rock Band

Photo Cred: Design Improvised

I’m so thankful for this last-minute-friendly idea from Design Improvised, which comes together with a few 80s homage pieces — or perhaps actual 80s-era clothes for some of us — and a couple of props.

BONUS: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Photo Cred: Living Locurto

This family costume is SO easy to do. All you need to do is print off your favorite Diary of a Wimpy Kid character and wear a white shirt with black pants. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Whatever family Halloween costume you decide on is a good one. Enjoy the time together and get as much candy as you can.

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