How to Balance a Blog and Being a Mom

How are you ever supposed to get anything done?  You can succeed at being a blogger and still have time for your family.  Check out these tips on how to balance your time.

You started a blog! Yay! Starting a blog is an exciting time. You have so many great ideas on content you want to create, brands you want to work with, and getting to know other bloggers. Then life hits…

A week turns into a month. Then another month goes by. Before you know it you’re wondering when the last time you posted a blog was. I’ve been doing the Mompreneur thing for 5+ years. I run my blog, a Facebook group, and all my social channels by myself. Running a blogging business and being a full time stay at home mom is an amazing and frustrating experience all in one.

You do have time to do both. You can make time for everything that is important to you. So how do you balance your blog and this thing called life? Here are a few tips on finding what works best for you.

Support System

My family is my biggest supporter especially my husband. He doesn’t totally understand the whole blogger thing, but he does want me to succeed at whatever it is I’m doing. He takes the kids when I have a deadline. He help me flush out my ideas on content. Make sure you have a great supportive group around you. My hubby isn’t tech savvy at all, but if you have someone who can help then let them. You don’t have to do everything.

Focus on Your Three Things

Look at your to-do list and decide what is important. If it were up to me I would be on social media all day, but I can’t. I might have emails to reply to, blog posts to write, content to plan, new cities to travel to or welcome new students. Look at your overall goals for the month and year. That helps me prioritize what needs to get done now.

Focus on three things whether that be business or personal. For me it might be a blog post, cleaning the kitchen, and replying to a couple important emails. As long as you get those 3 things done call it a successful day.

Use a Planner

I can’t stress this enough. Planning is what keeps me sane and everything done. Once a month I plan out my blog posts. Every two weeks I plan out my social media. Every week I look back at what I planned and adjust accordingly. When I have my content planned and ready to go it takes the stress and guesswork out of what I have to do that day. A planner also helps me stay focused and organized. My favorite planner is actually from Walmart.

Have Office Hours

I know this one is so hard. It was SO hard for me. I remember a time I took my kids to the park. I left my phone in my pocket to keep track of time instead of leaving it in the car. I sat watching my kids play and even played with them. That’s when my phone buzzed. I thought oh, I’ll just look at this notification real quick. The notification happened to be from a brand. I told myself it would only take a minute to complete. What I thought would take a minute to complete, took 15 minutes. Now my kids were upset. Looking back was that notification really that important or could it have waited? Log out of your email, log out of your social media and be in the moment. By checking your notifications all the time, you’re taking your focus away from what is present.

Working verse Momming

Find a time of day that works for you. There is nothing worse for your productivity than choosing the wrong time to work. Some things you can do with some distractions, but don’t decide to work when you know its time to start dinner. Look at your schedule and plan out when the best time to work is.

Sundays are for me

As much as I love creating content and working on my blog, taking a day or two off a week is SO important. It helps with burnout. It also helps me reconnect with my family. You will be so surprised with how much more productive you can be when you take time for yourself.

Honestly, everyone has their own ideas of what the perfect work/life balance is. The key to succeeding this is to keep trying. No one has this balance down perfectly. I sure don’t, but I try to set aside time for both. My kids know that I love them, my followers know that I appreciate them, and I am okay with that.

How do you balance blogging and being a mom?

How are you ever supposed to get anything done?  You can succeed at being a blogger and still have time for your family.  Check out these tips on how to balance your time.

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