How to Drive Traffic To Your Latest Blog Post

You’ve just finished writing a post, added photos, and posted to your blog.  Now what? Don’t wait for the readers to magically appear, your work isn’t quite done yet. After all you did put in all that time and effort to create some amazing content, there are some simple things to drive traffic to your latest blog post.  

Social Media

Social media is a great way to really connect with your audience.  It is a great platform to let your audience know you have a new post up and offer a brief description of what is it about and why they should read it. If done correctly, it’s a great way to drive traffic to your blog as well as creating a community.  Think of some strong call to actions to help promote your blog post and encourage your audience to click. Continue to promote your blog through all of your social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc.


Pinterest is one of the best ways for your posts to be seen by thousands of people in a short amount of time.  It is important to have fresh, attractive pins that are scheduled out daily to promote your post on the platform.  To be super efficient, I usually create 3-4 pins for Pinterest right off the bat. When creating your pins remember these couple things.

  • Pin your pinnable images to Pinterest with a strong Pin title.
  • Add a detailed description and be sure to use a couple hashtags 
  • Create Pinterest graphics specific to that post that have a great call to action to drive clicks on Pinterest to your blog.
  • Schedule Pins on Tailwind so your content is being shared throughout the year (or season) that’s relevant.

Facebook Groups

Instead of joining multiple facebook groups that may or may not be in your niche, buckle down and only join Facebook Groups that are in your niche.  Participate in sharing threads of these groups. As all the bloggers in these groups belong to the same niche, any share or comment would be beneficial for your blog.

Also, you would get a chance to interact with the same niche bloggers. This can help you a lot. You would get to learn from other experienced bloggers. You can look for collaboration opportunities (Guest Posting, VA Services, Round Up Posts etc.) too.

Connect with Brands

Just because your post isn’t a sponsored post doesn’t mean you can’t contact them and share what you’ve written.  This is a great opportunity to reach out to the brand to show your work. This is a great way to build a relationship or continue growing your current relationships with brands.  Show them your ongoing love for them.   

Think you're done after writing a blog post? Not true.  Check out these tips you should be doing to drive traffic to your blog and getting explosive traffic


Growing your email list is one of the most important things you can do as a content creator.  Your email list is full of your audience who are dying to hear from you. Giving your newsletter subscribers something exclusive is a great way to add value.  

Just be sure you don’t email them after everytime you post if it is more than once a week.  This can have the opposite effect. You have to add value to their lives which means nurturing your list, getting creative, and knowing your audience’s needs. Constantly dumping your new post in an email without adding value to your readers is a no-no.

Link to Older Posts

Internally linking within your blog is a great SEO tactic and helps to increase your page views. If your recently published blog post is relevant to an older post, add it in!

Answer Comments

Lastly, it’s important to revisit the post and take the time to answer any comments that your readers left on your site.

This is a great way to foster a relationship with your viewers so that they feel like you’re a real person and can relate to you.  They’ll appreciate that you took the time out of your busy day to interact with them.

Think you're done after writing a blog post? Not true. Check out these tips you should be doing to drive traffic to your blog and getting explosive traffic
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