Important Secrets You Should Know About Blogging

Important Secrets You Should Know About Blogging What makes successful bloggers so successful?Sharing the secrets that successful bloggers don't tell you. Use these blogging tips to grow your blog, following, and traffic.

The blogging world is an amazing and scary place. There is so much to learn, plus with the ever changing tech you have to stay up to date. But this and other blogging secrets is also what keeps it exciting, besides being your own boss and managing time the way you want to.

One thing you have to remember is you can do as much research as you’d like to try not to fail. You might even fail after all of that, but the truth is you can still feel like you’ve barely scratched the surface even with all that research. Sometimes doing too much research is a determinant. It may being on overwhelm.

When I first started my blogging journey, I signed up for every webinar I could find. It was very helpful, and yet very overwhelming. I couldn’t figure out how to use everyone’s advice. The most important blogging secrets are the simplest ones. Here are four of the most important things I wish I knew when I first started blogging.

1.Blogging Secret – SEO is changing

You will hear a ton about SEO whenever you are reading about getting more traffic. To a degree, SEO is essential to traffic. I went to a seminar this past month about how Google is changing the way SEO works. What used to work at the beginning might not be as effective. Now, it is important to keep your readers hooked. Through SEO you get Google’s attention, telling it what your post is about. But you won’t look good in Google’s eyes if your visitors aren’t impressed with your content. So, instead of adding a keyword ten times in the first two sentences which will only make your reader leave the website, try to write for your reader and then for Google.

Solve the problem your readers are looking for. You can’t just write for yourself. You must write for your reader which means you must be useful. When people go on blogs and websites, most of the time they’re searching for a solution to a problem they have. You can, however, post an opinion from time to time, keep your blog personal branded. But add a lesson, even when you show your point of view.

2. Everyone starts from the beginning

I know it is easy to look at established blogs and envy where they are. You will feel overwhelmed, knocked sideways, and feel like no one is paying attention. Being a new website, aka the new kid at school, is harsh. For some time you’ll write for nobody, the views will be close to zero and you will ask yourself if it’s worth it to continue. And the answer is yes. Sometimes it takes a few months, other times close to a year, but with the strive and confidence, you’ll get where you want to go. If you’ve been blogging for a few months and you see no increase in numbers, learn better tactics, try something new. But no matter what, don’t give up. The traffic will come. Don’t have a blog just yet. Lets start one together.

3. Have a Story to Tell or a Message to Spread

It is easier to write when you are passionate about something. There needs to be a story you want to tell or some message you think the world needs to hear. Without something to write about, your blog will be listless, floating around wherever the wind takes it, instead of driving towards a goal.

Maybe you want to share your journey towards Keto, or maybe you want to help people travel on a budget, perhaps you want to teach the world everything there is to know about knitting!

No matter how niched down your blog topic is, it needs to be about something and not about anything. When you try to talk to everyone, you aren’t talking to anyone.

What makes successful bloggers so successful? Sharing the secrets that successful bloggers don't tell you. Use these blogging tips to grow your blog, following, and traffic.

4. How to write posts people want to read

Let’s take blogging for example. This post is helping you with something, teaches you more about it, letting you behind the curtain with a few blogging secrets you may have or not know about before.

– Put the subject in the title. Let people know from the go what they’ll learn by reading your post. Don’t just make a catchy title to get traffic. People will stop coming knowing they aren’t going to get what they’re looking for.

– Make it personal in the first sentences. To keep the reader hooked, you must make it personal. Make the reader feel understood.

– Give it your all. Don’t just throw some words here and there and create a post just to say you wrote one. Give all you’ve got to come with solutions for the problem you put light on. Write with your reader in mind, and offer them the best solutions. You should always want your reader to leave the blog with a solved problem.

If you look at this list and feel like you’re missing a thing or two, don’t worry. These are all things you can work towards if you put your mind to it. It’s hard work, but being able to produce a blog that you’re proud of is so worth it.

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What makes successful bloggers so successful? Sharing the secrets that successful bloggers don't tell you. Use these blogging tips to grow your blog, following, and traffic.

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