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Momprenuer Tip || How To Be More Organized When Working From Home

Find out how to avoid procrastination and distractions and increase your productivity. Here's how to be more productive when working from home.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my life just seems chaotic. Its the house chore list, toting my kids to and from places, volunteer opportunities, kids throwing tantrums, someone getting sick, and on top of all that chaos is my work to do list. It seems like it NEVER ends. Some people thrive off of that chaos. Others, like myself, can be totally thrown off by the chaos and struggle.

For us momprenuers and content creators, it is important for us to sense the chaos. We need to know when we are overwhelmed to truly succeed. Let’s face it. We can’t completely eliminate chaos. It will inevitably make its way into our day, but there are certain tricks and tips that can help us stay organized no matter what the day brings. Here are 6 tips to help you get through the chaos and get organized.

Have Your Own Work Space

If you don’t have a work space or office, make one. By having your own work space, it will help with the clutter in your home. It will keep all your work projects contained to one section.

For me, I was constantly looking at my boutique items and/or looking at all my to-do items which stressed me out more. Once I moved everything into an office, I felt like my home was cleaner.

Tried-and-true work from home productivity tips to help you take your workday to the next level, every day. Getting more done and staying focused feels good!

Don’t let your office get cluttered though. Make it a place you feel is organized and you can get everything done when its time to work.

Review your Goals Frequently

Remember we talked about having a plan and goals in a previous post? By keeping your goals in front and center allows you to weave through the chaos to determine what really needs to be done. It can help reveal what is important, what is not worth your time, and what you should do about it all.

Map Out Events You Know You Have

Approach your schedule as though you are an executive, whether you are or not. It is best to map everything from social engagements, sports activities, business ventures/pop-up shops, boutique sales, dinner parties, etc. and then work backward.  If you need to bake a cake the day before a birthday party, put that action item on that day.  If your child is going on a field trip, the day before, add a calendar event to pack their lunch and lay out their school t-shirt. 

Add action items to your calendar along with giving yourself a little extra time to get these things done. You might run out of time and need an extra day to get it done.

Tried-and-true work from home organization tips to help you take your workday to the next level, every day. Getting more done and staying focused feels good!

Daily Routine

When you work from home there are plenty of opportunities to waste time. Don’t underestimate the value of a daily routine that you plan out the night before to help prepare you for the chaotic, unforeseen obstacles. Structure your day and keep the schedule as best you can. I know the TV is calling you to watch those soap operas, but resist those urges.

Start on Sunday evening and lay out all your weekly events with your business and personal goals in mind. Then detail your next day. If the day didn’t go as planned, that is okay. The important part is your tried. Work harder on keeping up your daily routine the next day.

Schedule Personal Time

Working nonstop can lead to stress and fatigue which can ruin your focus and productivity. You can step away to recharge. Schedule personal time and don’t just say you will take time off when you can. When you work this time into your schedule you account for everything that needs to get done. Dedicate this time for family, hobbies, shopping, friends or anything that isn’t work related.

I just want to point out that we can’t do it all all the time. Trust me, I tried. I wanted my house to look perfect, the kids to be given my undivided attention when they got home, to be the go-to volunteer mom at school, and for my business to thrive without putting too much into it. It doesn’t work and only left me frustrated and burnt out. It took some soul searching and attitude changing to figure out what items were really important. Give yourself some slack. With the right attitude, organization, and determination we as women we can do hard and amazing things.

What are some things that keep you organized?

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