5 Tips to Find a Work Life Balance

Mompreuner Tip || 5 Tips to Find a Work-Life Balance

Achieving work-life balance can help you become more successful in every area of your life. Here are easy habits you can start doing today!

Running a business from home and being a full time stay at home mom is an amazing and frustrating experience all at once. One thing to remember is you aren’t alone. There are plenty of women in the same boat. When we think about the perfect work-life balance, what does that look like to you?

For me, it was working like crazy with my “free time” and being available for my kids when they needed it. I never wanted them to realize I was working. I’m not sure that ever happened, but I also wanted to give them a sense of what it is like running my own business. I think that helped them see you can be successful without a full-time corporate job. Here are 5 tips on finding the right work and motherhood balance.

1. WIN: Whats Important Now

Look at your to-do list and decide what is important now. Is looking for new product something you need to do now or can it wait until the kids are in bed? Do you need to get the laundry done today or can it wait? Honestly, I think laundry can always wait. Nobody has time to sit and fold all that laundry. Haha. This actually was a big thing for me. My family came to the agreement that we would all fold laundry together. It gets done quicker and I have time to dedicate to another to-do item. Prioritize and do what is important.

2. Use a planner

Planning out the week can help you stay sane. It will show you when you have time to get things done. I am so forgetful. For this very reason, a planner helps me stay focused and organized. I’ve tried tons of planners whether they are cheap or expensive. No matter what type I try I always come back to the cheap ones you can find at Target.

3. Turn work off when you’re “out of the office”

I know this one can be so difficult to do. One time when I took my kids to the park, I remember watching my kids play when my phone buzzed. The notification happened to be from a customer who needed some help. I told myself it would only take a minute to complete, and then I would go back to playing. What I thought would only take a minute to complete, took 15 minutes. Because of this my kids were upset.

Looking back at this moment I realized something. Was that notification really that important or could it have waited? My advice to you is when you are “out of the office” be out of the office. Log out of your email, log out of your social media and be in the moment. You’re taking your focus away from what is present when you continually check your notifications, social media, or email.

Achieving work-life balance can help you become more successful in every area of your life. Here are easy habits you can start doing today!

4. Working vs Momming

Look at your schedule and plan out when the best time to work is. There is nothing worse for your productivity than choosing the wrong time to work. There are some things you can do with some a small amount of distractions. However you shouldn’t decide to work when you have hungry, whiny children and husband waiting for you to start dinner. This is 10 times worse and not worth the headache.

5. It doesn’t always go your way

Sometimes your day completely falls apart and nothing goes like you had hoped. Everyone has those days. Knowing and accepting this fact are two very different things. Shake it off. Appreciate the situation for what it is and look for the good. Even though the tasks are left undone for the day, you still get to be with your kids instead of working in an office.

Honestly, no one has this work-life balance down perfectly. Everyone has their own ideas of what the perfect work and motherhood life balance is. The key to succeeding this is to keep trying and setting aside time for both.

My kids know that I love them; my customers know that I will get to them within 24 hours; and I am okay with that.

Challenge: What are some ways you plan your day to try to keep a good work/life balance?

Achieving work-life balance can help you become more successful in every area of your life. Here are easy habits you can start doing today!

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