Our Flooring Makeover

Mom Life || Our Flooring Makeover

When we first built our home back in 2014 we wanted to have wood flooring throughout the downstairs, but as you might have guessed it was an upgrade we didn’t want to pay for. Since then we have been leisurely looking for wood floors that we love and are affordable.

One thing you must know about my husband is that he is a perfectionist when it comes to the lawn, painting, and any DIY project. His ideal weekend would be walking through a DIY store and dreaming of what project could be done.

One weekend, I was in the mood to buy something, which was probably our first indicator to go home instead of looking at flooring. That is when it happened. We came across the most beautiful wood floor and for the right price. Mistake #1 was buying the box.

Mistake #2 was laying it out immediately when we got home. My husband and I were instantly in love with it. By the time I resurfaced from being in love with the floor, we had already torn up a couple tiles, asked a neighbor to borrow his truck, and headed to Home Depot for more crowbars and gloves.

By the time my husband got back with the rest of our flooring, the kids and I were already working away pulling up our tile floors. It wasn’t fast going at all. The mortar underneath was thick and heavy. By the end of the day our hands were tired, backs were sore, there was broken tile everywhere and the kids were bored. We worked all weekend to get the entry way tile and mortar free so we could start laying the flooring. We ended up renting a tool to help take everything up. Mistake #3 was not renting it in the first place. It would have save SO much time.

Remember I said my husband was a perfectionist when it comes to DIY stuff? Well for the first day of laying floors the kids and I didn’t help much. He was set on making sure everything was square and double checking all his measurements. Once he got further along the kids and I helped out more. 1 week later the entry and half the family room was done.

Mistake #4 was not accounting for when my husband would have to go back to work. You can’t get a project done when there are so many other priorities in the way. 3 more days went by and the family was done. Add on another week for the remaining hallways and dining room. Our friends called us crazy, but it was so worth the hard work, sweat, and tears. The floors look amazing. I would totally do it ourselves again.

Total side note, I’m debating if this rug it too small for this space. My husband prefers no rugs since that is “why we have wood floors and not carpet.” I’m not totally convinced. What do you think? Should it be a tad bigger or is this size okay?

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