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Let’s be real, summer is basically here. The kids are out of school and looking for something fun to do. I don’t want to be bugged every few seconds on what they can do. I downloaded a bucketlist and summer planning schedule to help with that. However, I’m always on the lookout for some fun things to do with my kids. Check back with us weekly to some fun adventures you can have around the San Antonio Texas area. Today’s adventure took us to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

In the summer the kids are out of school and looking for something fun to do. Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a fun day full of treats, rides, and sunshine.

My kids absolutely love Six Flags, but I have to admit we have only been a handful of times. Luckily for us, the park wasn’t too crazy. We were able to ride all the rides we wanted to multiple times. If you go during their busy times, make sure you make a list of rides you have to go on. If you get there early enough you can beat the lines for the most popular rides. The last thing you want to do than spending your time crossing back and forth over the park to get on everyone’s musts. Except promising your little kiddos they can ride and find out when you get there they aren’t the right size requirement. Take the time and do a little homework – even if it’s at the gate before you walk in and start trekking around aimlessly. 

Another helpful hint is wearing comfortable shoes. It might be the last thing on your mind, but think through this one if you plan on getting on the wet rides as tennis shoes are great until they are full of water. Whatever you wear make sure they are comfy and won’t tear up your feet.

In Texas you’re bound to experience temperamental weather so be prepared. On average a visit to the amusement park is 5-7 hours, so you’ll need to reapply sunscreen many times (especially on those water rides.) Bring sunscreen with you to save some major bucks. As for the parkas, if you don’t mind the rain, then don’t bother, but it can be rough when the rain shuts down the rides and you have to head to the parking lot.

It is hot out there. Don’t forget to bring your water. We brought a camelbak with ice cold water. We used the water fountains to refill the pack. You can also get a cup of water at most of the food concessions. But we sure to take something with you so you can drink while waiting in line.

My last word of advice is to get there early and to have patience. This can be easier said than done when there are tons of eager people cutting in front of you without saying excuse me. If you feel yourself losing it, grab a snack in a cool place and take a break from the crowds. When you’re ready head out and enjoy the moment with your kids.

My kids honestly have an amazing time. We were able to enjoy the day as a family and have fun. Addison rode her first ever big kid roller coaster. She was unsure it was fun the first time, but after 2 more times it was her favorite ride. Unfortunately for me, that was the last of my rides. This old lady can’t take the twisting and twirling as much anymore without my Dramamine. Ha!

In the summer the kids are out of school and looking for something fun to do. Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a fun day full of treats, rides, and sunshine.

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