Tips on a Stress-Free Holiday

Being intentional with our time during the holidays will help with stress levels.  Read more for other tips on stress free holidays.

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Bob Hope

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year. With so many heartfelt traditions and sweet moments. While all of our sweet moments might be different one thing doesn’t change. The love of family and friends surrounds us. I believe during the holidays we tend to get a little time-starved. We try to fit in as many holiday traditions and activities as possible, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. There are so simple tips we can do to enjoy the holidays stress-free.

Greeting Cards

Did you wait too long to get your holiday cards ready? You can always create a digital greeting or send out a New Year’s greeting card instead. Either way, you’ll achieve the goal of letting your loved ones and friends know you are thinking of them. Personally I have sent out New Year’s cards in the past. It has helped tremendously.

Christmas Party

If you have your heart set on hosting a dinner, but the idea of a sit-down dinner has you stressed, consider a cocktail or dessert party. With the buffet style you will be able to spending more time with your guests, which is the whole point. Even if this has you stressed, you can ask your guest to bring a dessert item to share.

Being intentional with our time during the holidays will help with stress levels.  Read more for other tips on stress free holidays.


There are so traditions that we feel we obligated to do. It might be tempting to do all of them, but just say no to the non-essential. Instead of filling your days and evening with tons of traditions focus on the 2 or 3 that really matter; will bring you closer as a family; and help you remember the true meaning of Christmas. My favorite family tradition growing up was making Christmas Sugar Cookies. We would deliver them to friends, family, and of course eat some ourselves. This one that I still do today with my kids.


Sometimes I feel like we get on social media and think we have to do it all or have the best decorations. We don’t have to compare our lives to someone else’s highlights. Keep things simple. You can spruce up your chandelier or entryway with garland and mistletoe. If you have a long table, drape it with a fabric remnant instead of a table cloth. As a centerpiece you can create a holiday scene with ornaments, gingerbread houses, or a collection of trinkets you’ve gathered. Honestly I think less is more. Sometimes the thought of all those decorations cluttered around the house makes me crazy. Pick out a few that will help you achieve the look you want without making you feel cramped.

Calendar Christmas

Trying to get everyone together for Christmas? If the imposed calendar doesn’t work for you, create your own. Celebrate Christmas on a day that works for everyone. As a child we would celebrate Christmas with extended family the week after Christmas. It gave everyone the opportunity to celebrate as a family first and then together as extended family.

Being intentional with our time during the holidays will help with stress levels.  Read more for other tips on stress free holidays. #holidaytips

Keep it Simple

Give yourself the gift of mindfulness. It is easy to rush through the season without stopping to appreciate them. When putting up the tree, take a moment to enjoy the moment. Turn on some Christmas music and get in the holiday mood. It will serves as a reminder that these aren’t mindless tasks, but joyful celebrations.

What are some other ideas or things you do to help get through the Holidays stress free?

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