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How to be an organized stay-at-home mom. Learn how to enjoy being a stay-at-home mom. Ultimate guide full of tips to keep you happy, healthy, and organized.

This is my second year as a stay at home mom with the kids at school, yet I can remember the first year as though it was yesterday. I felt the pressure to return back to work, but knew it wasn’t the right move for me. I was unsure what to do with my new found time. The first few months were rough. I was so used to having someone to talk to during the day that I started talking to my dogs most of the day.

Stay at Home Mom’s Survival Guide

1. Be your own boss

As a stay at home mom, you need to be self motivated. As working mom, I thought I was pretty self-motivated, but it turns out I need goals, rewards, and outside affirmation. Make yourself a to-do list. Decide on realistic goals for each day. Reward yourself for making your goal like a boss would to their employee. The reward could be as simple as extra me time for yourself or a cheat day.

2. Get ready for the day

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Great ready for the day. Yeah, workout clothes are comfortable, but you’ll be more productive and feel better once you’ve gotten ready. There is a meme I love that says, “I should dress for the job I want, but I don’t know what a stay at home billionaire wears”. Think as yourself as a professional. I don’t know about you, but I like to look put together when I leave the house. When you make getting dressed your norm, wearing workout clothes becomes a luxury you allow yourself when you aren’t feeling well.

3. Stay at Home Mom Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations are part of my everyday life. I like to find an uplifting quote, scripture, podcast, etc to set the tone for the day. You could also make a journal for all the times your kids did something to make you feel happy. That when when you’re having a bad day you can look back and read it. I do this with my blog. When I feel like things are going right, I look back at my “win journal” I highlight all the small accomplishments I’ve had. It helps me to see the good in what I do.

How to be an organized stay-at-home mom. Learn how to enjoy being a stay-at-home mom. Ultimate guide full of tips to keep you happy, healthy, and organized.

If you need an uplifting quote, you can always check out my Instagram stories. I love to share a daily quote or affirmation.

4. Create weekends and holidays

So, when you’re home everyday can feel the same. I like to save certain errands or house cleaning things for the weekend. Our family also goes out to explore on the weekend. I love having he extra time together and getting out of the house. When your kids have a day off of school, get out and do something fun. Even if it is just to the park for a picnic.

5. Lower your expectations

When you have babies and toddlers, you need to be realistic about your time and what you can do. There is a time and a season for everything, you’ll get there eventually. When I had babies I was just happy to take a shower and maybe a little outing to the park. Other ladies on social media might look like they have it all together, but you can’t see what is beyond the picture posted. Give yourself time to relax during this season of your life and enjoy it.

6. Friends & Support

I feel like sometimes we feel like we need to do everything ourselves. This simply isn’t true. I for one, love to help new moms or any of my friends with their kids. There isn’t anything wrong with asking for help. It doesn’t make you less of a mom. It gives others the opportunity to serve and the pay-off is so worth it. You can always take advantage of a “Mothers Day Out” program to get things done.

7. Do the things you enjoy

Have you heard the saying about having your own cup full so you can fill others cups? This. When my kids were little I ran just about every day. My kids grew to love the time in the stroller and the after run park. My son would put his running shoes on and run around the yard just to be like mommy. He still has a passion for being active. Find things that you love and do them with your kids. You family will benefit from your happiness and good mood. If you love to read, join a book club or take the kids to the library for storytime and to get books. Share your passion with them. Motherhood is different for everyone. It can be a difficult journey, but you can do it. I hope these few tips will help your through. You can follow me on Instagram for more tips and ideas on excelling and not just surviving being a stay at home mom.

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