Top Ways for Finding Time to Exercise

Raise your hand if you have skipped a planned workout because you didn’t have time or felt too tired to do it.  I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there in more than just one instance. Why is it so difficult in finding time to exercise?!

Do you struggle with finding time to exercise as a busy and tired mom? Here's 6 tips to help you find ways to exercise when you're too tired.

For many of us, finding time to exercise can be difficult. Our jobs are demanding, our kids want our attention, we put all our energy into other things leaving not much time for ourselves.  Remember the hardest part is getting started.

I love to play volleyball.  There is a group of amazing players that get together once a week to play.  When I go I love it, and can’t figure out why I don’t go more often. It is when I take a break that the excuses start coming. 

So, what do we do?  We make a habit out of it.  It is easier to make a habit when it is doing something we love to do.  When you make exercising a habit, it will make it easier to find time.  You just need to find something you enjoy doing to stay active.

9 Ways to Squeeze a Workout into Your Busy Day

Schedule it Out

At the beginning of the week, check out your calendar to see where you can find time to exercise. I find that if I schedule things out at the beginning of the week, I am more likely to get it done.  It is already on my schedule. Therefore the time is already spoken for.

 If you’re just beginning you don’t want to overdo it and lose momentum.  Just pick out 3 days to get in a workout whether it is in the morning, evening, or afternoon.  

Remember, “I have time for things that are important to me”   

Whenever you feel yourself coming up with excuses or someone is trying to take that time away from you, repeat this mantra.  “I have time for things that are important to me”. The other things can wait until you are done getting your workout in.  

You can’t take care of others when you aren’t taking care of yourself.  Get that workout in. You shouldn’t feel guilty for putting yourself first.    

Set your alarm clock a little earlier in the morning

I know this is easier said than done.  To be honest, the first week or two are going to be brutal. Once it becomes a habit, you will thank yourself and have no problem finding time to exercise.  By working out in the morning, you will feel better and more accomplished. It will help clear your mind and set the mood for the day. 

Another benefit of waking up earlier is that it may help you get to bed at a decent hour.  I know this has definitely helped me in my efforts to get a workout in and get to bed early.  

Lunch Hour = Workout time 

If it is possible you can sneak to the gym over your lunch hour, go for a quick run downtown.  You may want to see if your company has access to a gym.  

I suggest having a mid morning snack to help curb your appetite and fuel your body.  You can eat your lunch after you get in a quick workout. Most gyms have showers you can rinse off or bring dry shampoo to save time.  

Do you struggle with finding time to exercise as a busy and tired mom? Here's 6 tips to help you find ways to exercise when you're too tired.

Take the kids

Can’t leave the kids while you workout?  Just take them with you. Get the stroller out and walk to the park.  You can do some circuit drills while they play on the playground; lift them up and use them for weights; run around with your kids; or do squats while they swing. 

I love going to the park and doing workouts.  All of us can get our energy out and have fun while doing it.  

If you’d rather stay at home, get into the habit of doing a workout video together.  Your little ones will love moving with you. If they are too much of a distraction, give them activities to do while you exercise nearby.

I know my kids loved watching me workout when they were little.  They knew that every morning was mommy’s time to workout. They will get into the habit of working out with you or watching you go.  

Make a fitness date

Working out is much more fun when you have someone to do it with. Every once in a while make a fitness date with your spouse or friends. You can schedule a run together; head to a bootcamp; or hike some trails.

If you don’t have a friend who’d like to join you, make a new one.  Go to a class and make a friend. Having a friend there will help keep you accountable.  This is the motivation I need to keep going to classes.      

Workout while watching TV

Pinterest has some fun workouts that coincide with shows and movies.  This might be a fun way to get in your workout. You can do squats, lunges, abs, stretching, pilates.  Just keep your bands or dumbbells handy.

All you need is 15 minutes

Take a small amount of time to take 15 minutes of exercise.  I love going HIIT workouts. 15 minutes is all you really need for these types of workouts.  The goal is to get your heartrate up quickly and complete the circuit. This can easily be done first thing in the morning or after dinner.

Add up the little things

Do whatever you can during the day to get up and get moving.  You’d be surprised by how much all that movement adds up. You can do the little things like:

  • Parking further away from the store
  • Taking the stairs
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Take an evening walk or walk the dog
  • Do squats while folding laundry

The most important thing you can do is to stop making excuses and take those small steps to start achieving your goals. Once you reach those smaller goals, create bigger ones. You can do it!

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