Why Do You Do That Thing You Do || Finding Your Motherhood Why

Just like in business you will have highs and lows.  Finding your motherhood why will help you get through the rough times of motherhood.

“A real mom: emotional, and yet the rock. • wonderful even in chaos • tired, but keeps going. • worried, but full of hope. • impatient, yet patient • amazing even though doubted • life changer every single day. “

Since I was a little girl, I knew that all I wanted to be when I grow up was a Mom. The desire came from my own life experiences. As a child, my mother was at every field trip, every practice, always there. Later in my life she went to work, but she was always still there supporting me. Every volleyball game, she would decorate our lockers and be the loudest cheerleader. She even supported the other girls who weren’t as fortunate as I was to have a mom around.

When I first starting dating my husband, I was upfront with my desire to be a stay at home mom. I wasn’t planning on working after kids came along as long as I could. He has always been supportive of that dream.

Just like in business you will have highs and lows.  Finding your motherhood why will help you get through the rough times of motherhood.

As most of you know, motherhood is hard. There are definite ups and downs. Every child is different and has their own unique personality, challenges, etc. Its been exciting to see every new milestone and birthday. Being home and watching them grow up has been a blessing and a joy.

When my youngest started school I was torn. Being a Mom has been my everything for over 8 years. I wanted to still be that stay at home mom, but now what do I do during my days. I felt lost and confused. I felt like I should be doing more with my life. I felt like people expected me to get a job because that is what you are supposed to do.

Finding Your Motherhood Why

I struggled for a long time after my kids started school. My fear has always and continues to be the fear of becoming stagnant – not growing; feeling like I don’t measure up to women my she who seem to have it all. It wasn’t until my 2nd year of being alone during the day that I really felt at peace with my decision. The thing that helped me the most was remembering my “Why”.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners know this. “Why” is the reasoning behind the things you do. It is the reason they stay in business and are passionate about that business. When you go through a tough time the “why” is what drives you through it and helps your business along with yourself grow. As an entrepreneur myself this was something I already knew. So why wasn’t I applying it to my life instead of a business.

Why am I a stay at home mom? When I finally answered this question, I felt like I had direction in my life again. I stay home to be available for, teach my kids, and be with my kids. I love field trips, having impromptu lunch, volunteering at the school, helping a neighbor, going to church activities, having lunch with friends, watching a friend’s little one, starting a side business, blogging, taking a cooking class, being home during the summer, etc. Who cares what others think. I know why I do it and that is enough. My fear of being stagnant only helps drive me to do things for myself while they are gone and grow as a person.

"You were someone before you were their mom—and she still matters."

I think sometimes we put extra pressure on ourselves. We think that we have to work to be successful in our lives, but that simply isn’t always true. You can be a successful women no matter what you do. You don’t have to be stagnant, boring, or behind the times. Grow and be successful. It just takes effort to get out of the house and do it.

If you are struggling as I did, ask yourself this question. Why am I a stay at home mom?

I want to help others who are thinking about or are a stay at home mom? I want you to be successful and feel happy. I’m so excited about this new series. Be sure to check back March 19th for our next article on 6 Habits of a Happy Stay at Home Mom.

Just like in business you will have highs and lows.  Finding your motherhood why will help you get through the rough times of motherhood.

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